What if you BEING is sexy?

What if you are the Magic you've been looking for?


Take a sneak peak into the pilot show and discover just how deliciously sexy consciousness can be!

Meet Patty Alfonso.

Born and raised in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, Patty received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Emory University. She is certified as a Body & Mind Counsellor and Energy Healing Therapist.  Her desire to continue growing her healing practice and empower her clients has led her to

Access Consciousness®, where she became, and is a Certified Facilitator.  A catalyst for transformation, Patty Alfonso is an internationally acclaimed speaker and facilitator. She is the author of the #1 International Best Selling book Your Body as the Creation of Consciousness™ and the host of the weekly online show Consciousness is Sexy.

Patty is a world traveler with a global business that inspires her clients to create magic in their life with their business, their bodies and in their relationships. She is also the Creator of Pole Dancing For Consciousness™ and The Essence of You™.

What is Access Consciousness®?

Created by Gary Douglas and co-creator Dr. Dain Heer, Access Consciousness is a set of pragmatic tools and processes which empower you to change the things in your life that once seemed impossible. It’s the ability to be present in your life in every moment without judgment of you or anyone else. It provides you with ways of becoming totally aware enabling you to function from the space where you can transform and change all things and create everything you desire in life – greater than what you currently have and more than you can ever imagine.

One of the targets of Access is the “clearing” of fixed ideas held in place by energetic patterns locked in your body and being; usually experienced as “positive or negative emotional charge” (what you really love or really hate). Processes consisting of questions, clearing statements and hands-on healing techniques clear blocks in common, everyday areas such as work, relationship, family, sex, money, physical or emotional trauma, body weight, habits, anxiety, depression and procrastination.

To find out more about Access Consciousness please visit: www.accessconsciousness.com